Mission Statement

Methodist Training and Outreach Center Inc, Support Services for the Homeless shall work to coordinate services and resources to comprehensively address the needs of the homeless population, emancipated youth, Veterans, & families with children. We will establish and maintain a central database of local statistics an the population. We will work with service providers, community based organizations and community leaders to maximize services and minimize gaps. Promote community awareness and education regarding the issues of homelessness and the condition leading to it.

Traditionally, the U.S. Virgin Islands are known as the American Paradise.  It is hard to imagine that beneath our world class beaches, crystal clear waters, breathtaking views, natural harbor with great historical significance, are conditions that contribute to homelessness, just like any part of the world.  Changes in economic situations, death or prolonged illness of the principal breadwinner, domestic violence, substance abuse, physical and mental impairment are a few reasons why people fall into homelessness.  Other factors that contribute to homelessness in the US Virgin Islands are over-crowded conditions, insufficient affordable housing, and displacement from hurricanes.