The Methodist Training & Outreach Center, Inc. (MTOC) has been providing outreach and support services to low income and the medically underserved populations, with specific emphasis towards the homeless and people living with HIV/AIDS, since 2001. MTOC provides and coordinates support services to address the needs of the special populations, including intake/outreach, case management, and referrals to specialty and subspecialty care. The Center has implemented programs in areas that have positively impacted the social, cultural and economical fiber of the community. MTOC has cultivated a strong emphasis on community and human development, restoration and revitalization by giving priority to the needs of homeless people and people with HIV/AIDS.

MTOC is located in the heart of downtown Charlotte Amalie at the Market Square in St. Thomas of the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI). The area surrounding, the Methodist Church , the Dober Elementary School , and the Savan Community, has been identified as a Federal Enterprise Zone. St. Thomas , thirteen miles long by four miles wide, encompasses a little over 31 square miles and is the second largest of the US Virgin Islands. It lies 60 miles east of Puerto Rico . The island is embraced by the Atlantic Ocean on the North side and the Caribbean Sea on the South side. The island consists of mountainous terrain with peaks that rise up to 1,550 feet above sea level.

The Methodist Training & Outreach Center, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors and is staffed with a(n):

  • Executive Director who administer, coordinate, and manage federal funds, grants; contract development and facilitate contracts with federal and local entities other service providers, public health agencies, local and national organizations; ensure operating efficiency of programs through grant writing, financial planning, accountability and through good policies and procedures.
  • Two (2) Case Managers , who gives daily counseling to the clients, track clients progress, maintain statistics and identify sub populations and their needs in order to make the proper referrals, conduct training seminars and coordinate housing needs.
  • Outreach Worker who identifies the sub populations out in the field, meet and introduce homeless citizens to existing services, assist with training seminars, counseling and tracking of clients needs and availability of such services for the homeless population.
  • Administrative Assistant , who greets the client and collects all pertinent data; the AA also assists the staff with training programs as needed, and collects and maintains proper records and files. The AA establishes and maintains current and accurate community base resources and other government information necessary to ensure departmental functions. She assists the bookkeeper with proper maintenance and accounts preparation of reports, payroll records tax filing and other account documentation as required by the Executive Director.
  • Bookkeeper/Property Manager, who maintains expenditures and accounts for the processing and maintenance of programs and clients, Prepare and maintain employees' payroll record, tax filing and other account documentation for the program. Purchase supply and equipment. Ensure property maintenance.

MTOC has demonstrated that the services rendered to homeless and persons living with HIV/AIDS are both warranted and necessary. However, their ultimate goal is to offer comprehensive primary and preventive health care services for all persons within the target area. MTOC is uniquely positioned to appropriately respond to the major health care needs of the target population. This will be accomplished through partnering and collaborating with the Department of Health and Human Services, the Family Resource Center and other agencies and organizations that are involved in the Territory's Continuum Care System. Amidst a growing tempest, and like many rural areas across the island, MTOC faces the challenge of increasing access to primary and preventive health care and reducing disparities in health outcomes among vulnerable populations, that include uninsured persons, people in rural areas, underserved mothers and children, homeless families and individuals, women and minorities living in poverty, and people with HIV/AIDS, without federal support. Federal support will enhance MTOC's ability to serve the large and steadily increasing medically underserved, uninsured, and low-income people within the target area.

Dwayne Benjamin

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